> Display

Our main goal is to bring and show the Bronco to as wide an audience as possible. Bronco Demo Team is available for events, providing both static and flying displays.

Since 2010 Bronco Demo Team as attended airshows across Europe, from Northern Ireland to Poland and even ventured as far from home as El Ain in the United Arab Emirates. Millions of people have enjoyed the sight and sound of this unique airplane. Bronco Demo Team performed in front of over two million spectators during the 2016 season.

> On the ground

A dedicated team of crew chiefs and cheerleaders supports our unique display, not only in the air but also on the ground. Each year Bronco Demo Team crew chiefs attend a 2-day ground course, ensuring smooth and safe operations at airshows. Our cheerleaders add a gentle female touch to any appearance, entertaining and informing the public in our merchandise stand and shop. Leaflets and brochures are available as free handouts, adding extra value to any appearance. Our pilots are always up for autograph signing sessions and answering any questions by the public.

> In the air

Since 2010 Bronco Demo Team has performed over 100 displays at major airshows throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Our Broncos are meticulously maintained to the highest airworthy standards and operated under UK CAA approvals. They have been authorized to operate to the full original design flight envelope, including STOL operations and fully aerobatic.

Our display pilots are all commercially rated and hold appropriate Display Authorizations, ensuring that the highest display safety standards are maintained at all times.

Our flying display intends to show the excellent flying characteristics and agility of the OV-10 Bronco. During the display the short takeoff and landing performance and the maneuverability of the airplane are highlighted. The airplane’s agility allows for the display to be performed in a relatively small “box” right in front of the public, providing continuous entertainment without gaps. A smoke system - using only environmentally friendly compounds - adds an extra dimension to the display.

See our bookings calendar at and find out where we will perform next close to where you live. Here you can find several in-cockpit videos of past performances.


> Themes

To keep it’s displays varied and interesting Bronco Demo Team carries a different theme each year and the airplanes are adorned in with appropriate markings.

Past themes have been:

2014: "Jets are for Kids"

A cheeky reference to the humbling nature of our propeller driven Bronco that nevertheless delivers a sprightly performance opening the eyes of many jet jockeys.

2015: "Royal Bavarian Air Force"

Special “Royal Bavarian Air Force” titles were added on the forward fuselage and a Bavarian checkered flag applied on the external fuel tank of the Bronco. The theme was chosen as this particular Bronco “99+18” had been adorned with similar scheme in the past when it was based out of Munich (Germany) on deployment for the German Army.


2016: "Tiger 1"

Our OV-10 Bronco 99+18 recently gained “claws” in 2016 with the addition of the original armament sponsons and therefor a Tiger-theme was fittingly chosen for this season. The theme is colorfully reflected on the aircraft’s belly tank, with “Tiger 1” or “Tiger 2” tail bands identifying our two Broncos.

2017-2018: "Poppies from Flanders fields"

The Bronco Demo Team’s OV-10 will be bringing Poppies from Flanders Fields to venues and airshows all over Europe in 2018; supporting a message of peace and reconciliation in remembrance of the sacrifice by so many 100 years ago.

The Bronco Demo Team is based at Kortrijk-Wevelgem airport situated just 12 nm East from the Ypres salient. The airfield was first used during World War I, initially by German fighter squadrons and later, during the advance of the Allied Powers leading to the end of the conflict, by the Royal Air Force.

As a commemoration of The Great War, the Bronco Demo Team has adorned their OV-10 Bronco in a truly amazing new “Poppy” livery. The Poppies and “LEST WE FORGET, 1914-18” graphics reflect light differently when the aircraft moves, producing a different shine and brightness at various angles. The effect is outright awesome and very unique!


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