Again the Antwerp Stampe Fly-in was a big success. In organizing the fly-in, the Stampe museum had to take in consideration that the event was taking place on an operational international airport. Meaning that through the whole two day event, there would be airliners departing to far away cities.

Our tent was well placed and we immediately felt at home and happy to meet long time flying friends and Bronco stalkers again. The line up of incoming planes was getting larger and bigger as the first day rolled on. From C130 to the Red Devils, some NAA stablemate Trojans, Fouga Magisters, our Bronco and many SV4’s. The public certainly got what it came for, airplanes…!!! In other words the line-up for a small fly in was fabulous.

Most important for such an event is the weather, as they say, you get the weather you deserve, so the sun gave us her best. Because the airfield of Antwerp is gaining importance - for local business and it’s port - the mayor of Antwerp, Bart De Wever, and his kids surprised the fly-in with a days visit. On Saturday evening he revealed the new statue of Jean Stampe, attended by Peter Wouters and Danny Cabooter of the Stampe & Vertongen Museum. Television was all around and this meant good publicity for the event and aviation in general. After a super weekend with lots of flying and visitors we packed up on Sunday evening and flew back to our homebase. Thinking back on this event with a warm heart, we hope seeing everybody safe and sound again next year.

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