Last year we visited this friendly fly-in with the Bronco, our visit then being curtailed by the incoming weather. Luck was on our side this year weatherwise, but nevertheless we decided to take our own proper caravan with us in the form of Skyvan G-BEOL.

The Skyvan is perfect for fly-ins as the stuff you can carry is almost unlimited, it provides fantastic shelter and has rather plenty of room to be very comfortable indeed.

The weather both days was perfect. On Saturday a great variety of airplanes were displayed by friends of the fly-in and a great party and campfire followed in the evening. A silent disco (with headphones) carried on well in to the morning and was not to be missed.

The Old Hay Boogie is a unique event limited to only 499 invited guests. This year the first day was dedicted to scale 1:1 airplanes with a full flying display in the afternoon. All full scale participants were kindly asked to depart Sunday morning before 11:00 am as the Boogie was reserved from then on to model airplanes only.

A great and most enjoyable family event not to be missed!

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